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Inland Revenue


Register with Inland Revenue

As a business owners in Barbados, you are responsible for deducting tax at source and paying into Inland Revenue. All employees who are paid in excess of $481.00 per week or $2,083.00 per month are required to pay income tax.

It is in your interest to research your responsibilities and to protect your business from avoidable liability.  You should contact the Inland Revenue Department to get additional advice and to register.

Application Registration As An Employer
Small Business Application Form 1
Instructions to Employers – Guidelines for Completion of Forms 
PAYE Tax Deduction Remittance Form 
Prepayment Form 

Register with VAT Division

Some types of businesses in Barbados are required to pay VAT tax. You should contact the Value added Tax Division to determine if your company falls within one of these categories and if required, to initiate the process of registration for VAT.